Packing Cartons

Packing and unpacking cartons can be a daunting task when you are planning a move. Sunshine Coast Removals & Storage can help you plan your packing before your removal and we can also arrange to pack all your cartons or just the kitchen and breakables.

Unpacking Cartons

As this can be a time consuming job we can help you we offer two types of services for unpacking.

Basic Unpack

We unpack as much as possible onto benches and tabletops and other flat surfaces and the linen cupboard only we then take away any cartons and paper and then you can unpack the rest.

Valet Unpack

We unpack everything into the cupboards. Our procedure for this is; before the pre-pack we come into your home and take photos of everything in the cupboards and drawers, tabletops, china cabinets and bookshelves, then at delivery we place as much as we can the same way it was at your previous home this way you can still find things. We will also make the beds and hang your clothes. The unpacking procedure can take 2-4 days for one person or 1-2 days for two people.
We then takeaway all the cartons and paper to be recycled.

Things we can’t do

  • Hang mirrors, pictures or paintings.
  • Disassemble and reconnect stereo systems
  • Disconnect and reconnect TV’s Foxtel etc.
  • Dismantle and empty  & reinstall waterbeds