Household Removals

Sunshine Coast Removals & Storage has been completing household removals around South East Queensland and N.S.W for the past 20 years.
During this time we have established a reputation for being efficient and co – operative. When you move with us we wrap your furniture & white goods in removal blankets to protect your belongings from rubbing and damage.

We offer a flexible service, tailored to your particular needs and budget.

Types of services we offer are:

  • We move your larger and heavier items only.
  • We move all items including boxes if you need Packing Materials we can help you with these items
  • Leave all the pre-packing to us or
  • Allow us to pack your breakables like crockery and glassware.
  • Unpack your cartons onto your benches and you put them away or we can unpack straight into your cupboards
  • For local removals or short term storage we offer our cartons on loan for free

Extra services include:

    • Pre packing your cartons a day or two before your removal
    • We also dismantle and reassemble beds and other furniture as necessary
    • Unpacking your cartons in your new home
    • Storage

Deceased Estates

If you need support with handling some of the chattels of a deceased estate, our assistance is not far away.

The staff at Sunshine Coast Removals & Storage understand that losing family members or close friends is a difficult and sensitive time.

During this time, their possessions will need to be sorted and removed from the estate. This can be the most difficult part of the process.

The procedure is that we send out a representative who will discuss with you the requirements you would like or need and email the quote.

Our team can help by:

    • Packing items for distribution to beneficiaries, storage, charity or auction.
    • Complete an inventory of all furniture and items with or without photos, except large coin, stamp and photo collections and the like.
    • Organise for documents no longer required to be shredded
    • Dispose of unwanted items to be taken to charity and some items can be taken to the local tip

We can organise

      • a garden tidy up
      • cleaning
      • cars to be removed
      • an estate agent to see you
      • storage

Only you make the decision to keep, sell or giveaway items but we will work with the Executor or Enduring Power of Attorney throughout the process.

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