Ornaments, figurines, china or pottery must be wrapped separately and placed into a carton specifically set aside for that purpose. Dont try to fill a gap with these items as the item is likely to break.

There are some articles that may be highly susceptible to damage because of their shape, e.g:

  • Figurines (Ballerinas, etc.).
  • Blown Glass Ornaments.
  • Glass or China Animals.
  • Religious Statues.
  • Filigree or lattice work china.

Ornaments with delicate spikes, protrusions, etc., must be reinforced by wrapping the item with tissue paper or paper wadding or polystyrene balls, then wrapped in white paper and placed into the carton in a safe manner.

Silver, Bronze and Pewterware

Silver, bronze and pewterware will tarnish if their surfaces come in direct contact with white paper.

To prevent tarnishing, individually wrap each item completely with acid free tissue paper before wrapping the item in white paper.