When downsizing you need to decide what you would like to keep and this is important.

Ask yourself, “what will I be doing in my new place” or “will I have time for…”

There are 4 things you can do to declutter

  1. Give things away – These are the items that go to family or friends who you know will like them.
  2. Donate – Anything in good order that family or friends don’t need like blankets or books or jigsaw puzzles
  3. Items to sell – A good time to make money to help pay for your removal, the buffet that may not fit in the new place, but still in good condition.
  4. Items for the tip – These are either broken or items that are of no use to anyone.

Sort the things you don’t want to take with you, this will help keep your home uncluttered as you prepare for your move.

We can take your belongings you no longer need to friends, charity or auction or second-hand centre and tip