When downsizing you need to decide what you would like to keep and this is important.

Ask yourself questions like, “what will I be doing in my new place” or “will I have time for…”

There are 4 strategies you can do to downsize

  1. Give things away – These are the items that go to family or friends who you know will enjoy them.
  2. Donate – Useful items in good condition, like blankets, books, or puzzles, to charity.
  3. Items to sell – A good time to make money to help pay for your removal, items that may not fit in the new place, but still in good condition.
  4. Items for the tip – Discard broken or useless items.

Sorting through belongings you don’t want to take can help keep your home clutter-free as you prepare to move. Consider having our service take unwanted possessions to friends, charities, consignment shops or the dump on the day of your removal.