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Sunshine Coast Removals & Storage have relocated many clients businesses with little disruption to their business.

We have moved small and large offices around the Sunshine Coast & Brisbane.

Each removal takes the same type of organisation & preparation, but depending on the amount of items you have the time can take longer.

Therefore as soon as you know you are moving that is the time to start preparing & packing.

Many of the offices we have moved usually have a board room table, desks that need to be dismantled before leaving the building and then reassembled in the new building as well as chairs, filing cabinets, cupboards, whiteboards, fridges and cartons.

We work with you so that when we arrive at the delivery address your I.T. people are ready to set up and reconnect your computers and monitors etc.

For any local removal we will loan you the cartons for free or we can do the packing for you.

For some tips on how to prepare for your office removal head over to our Office Removals page or for an office removal planner go to our Resources page.