Office Removal

Your office removal need not be a difficult experience. If you plan far enough in advance and consult your removalists about the logistics of your move you can make a very smooth transition with minimal disruption to your business.
Ensure that all parties at the destination have been notified of your removal this includes body corporation, security, supervisors, etc.

Please have one person who can supervise the removal who has access to the lifts, keys, security and information about your removal and placing the furniture.

Prepare your destination Floor Plan

Plan a place for everything to go if similar items need to go into different rooms consider putting coloured stickers or labels on items or tag furniture with a corresponding door number or area

Parking Facilities

  • Check for any height restrictions for the truck
  • Are loading docks available for use?
  • Is a council permit required for street parking?

Access to the building and inside the building

  • Are all doorways wide enough?
  • Are the lifts big enough?
  • Are there any extremely heavy items (e.g. safes) to be moved?
  • Are there any extremely large items (e.g.conference tables, compactors) to be moved?
  • What lifts are available and do you need to book the lift and organise a key and a  curtain for the lift?

Plan your Packing

  • Use mainly book cartons for easy lifting ensure that the packing cartons are not over-filled or under-filled . Ensure that the top flaps remain level when folded closed.
  • Label each carton with persons name, brief descrition of what is in the carton, room destination according to floor plan.
  • Is there any packing required for records, archives or libraries and do these need to be packed in chronological order.
  • Pack loose items on desks onto cartons.
  • Desks, bookcases and stationery cabinets, credenzas must be emptied completely and their contents packed. Lock or tape doors and drawers closed. Label these items according to destination floor plan.
  • Tape keys to the back of cabinets and or cupboards or placed into a plastic ziplock bag that one person has access to.
  • Lock or tape filing cabinets to prevent opening during transport. Tape keys to the surface of the cabinet or place with other keys in a ziplock bag.
  • Filing cabinets may be left un-emptied if there are no stairs at uplift or destination.

Photocopiers & Computers

  • Check the manufacturers operating instructions, and carry out any preparation required.
  •  For warranty purposes check with your IT professional they may prefer to move these items themselves.
  • Notify your customers, business partners, local governance service providers of your move
  • Organise cleaning of your uplift office rooms