Deceased Estate

If you need support with handling some of the chattels of a deceased estate, our assistance is not far away.

We understand that losing family members or close friends is a sensitive time.

During this time, their possessions will need to be sorted and removed from the property. This can be the most difficult part of the process.

Our team can help by:

  • Packing items for distribution to beneficiaries, storage, charity or auction.
  • Complete an inventory of all furniture and items with or without photos, except large coin, stamp and photo collections and the like.
  • Organise for documents no longer required to be shredded
  • Dispose of unwanted items to be taken to charity and some items can be taken to the local tip
  • Organise garden tidying
  • Organise house cleaning
  • Organise window cleaning
  • Organise for cars to be removed
  • Organise an estate agent to see you

We don’t make the decisions to keep or sell or giveaway items but we will work with the Executor or Enduring Power of Attorney throughout the process.

We service the Sunshine Coast and surrounding areas.