Declutter before moving

If you are considering downsizing, decluttering or organizing your home in preparation for sale Sunshine Coast Removals & Storage can help you.

Buyers focus on different things when they purchase a house and one of those things is space therefore by removing items from benches, wardrobes, shelves and the floor or removing furniture from your home and creating more floor space can help your home look more spacious this also gives you an opportunity to sell, donate items to charity or give to family and friends the items you no longer need or use.

We can pack unused items into cartons and remove some furniture and placing it into a safe storage unit until you move. This will also prepare your home for the photographer to come in and take photos.

If you are decluttering or downsizing, we can take your belongings you no longer need to charity or auction or second-hand centre

Packing Cartons

We will provide you with the cartons for you to pack the items you don’t regularly use or we can come into your home and pack the items for you.

By decluttering your home before you place it on the market will save you time packing after your home is sold.

This is also a good time to dispose of broken or unused items like

  • toys
  • games
  • paperwork
  • old files
  • tools
  • appliances
  • cooking utensils
  • old pillows
  • blankets
  • clothes
  • books & magazines
  • memorabilia

If you are downsizing or decluttering, ask yourself questions like:

What will I be doing in my new place?

Will I be baking often? Therefore, keep these kitchen items.

Will I be gardening?

Create & name boxes for charity, tip and for each person you are giving items to

Place the items that you wish to give to family or friends, or charity or tip into a box.

Anything going to the tip may go straight into the bin if its’s small enough.